Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pangolin No Go

I have a pan-goliiiiin...we play go all night makes me waaant to kill myself...

This illustration is from way back in the beginning of the summer! I totally spaced on posting it until now, though I'm pretty sure I immediately sent it tumblr-weedin' about. Hmm. (I've always been someone who's had enough trouble paying attention to stuff as simple as my phone, so social media gets tough to keep track of.) 

For my faithful few: thanks for still reading, dudes. I'll probably be tossing up a bunch of sketches and character portraits from my upcoming collection of comics for my projected thesis...I made sure to finish penciling the first few pages before going to SPX, so I could go guilt-free. (More about that later...I'll probably make a second post after I scare up some dinner.)

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