Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Goddamned Punks!

Two posts in one day? I'm a new woman! This is a repeating pattern that I made for my Illustration prompt was punk haircuts. I drew it out of a hat. No, I'm not joking, and no I didn't cheat. Fuckers.
This was almost obscenely fun to make, from the research right down to the actual rendering. I'm thinking maybe wrapping paper would be its final form, in all its chaotic, seizure-inducing glory. Maybe the good folks at Dischord or SST would have liked to use it to swaddle their self-recorded wares. One can only hope....

Casting Circle of Comicking

Hey, folks! Just thought I'd put up my new biznazz card design. You know. The ones I'll use for biznazz. It's a fairly candid behind-the-scenes look at my process.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Posters and Promises Broken...

I know, I know....I haven't been updating like I said I would. So to help you forget the bitter taste of promises unfulfilled, here's a poster I was commissioned to make! 
This was a project for my friend Jo Leonard, for an upcoming event she's doing. She's a rather outstanding lady, who's really committed to helping kids figure out how to unravel their messy lives and get on the right track for school or a career. That being said, Jo is someone who really helped me during my in-between year, while I was fervently applying to art schools and trying to figure out how the hell to make it all come together. I wouldn't be here at MICA if not for her help.

More to come soon...I've got some crazy illustration finals and a comic zine in the make.