Thursday, September 18, 2014


Man, it is getting so fuckin' lovely and crispy-cool outside, as autumn steps forward here in Baltymore, at last. Also, harooooooooo!

Only three weeks in, and thesis is already devouring every ounce of my time. I've set myself a fairly rigorous schedule which basically leaves me cranking out pages all the livelong day. I'm's the most concentrated comicking I've been able to do since I got here, and it feels really right. I can feel myself learning a lot as I go. My brush is also not a fickle little inkbeast anymore...we've reached some semblance of understanding, it and I.

Above is a sneak preview of the first vignette in my collection of fantasy short stories. Hopefully I'll have these first three pages scanned and posted by the week's end! Much, much more to come.

For now, back to squidinking.

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