Thursday, October 3, 2013

Robo-Toaster Lives!

Alright, all you bastards out there. I'm back again, and things are gonna be a little different. I'm going to try for updates twice a week, just to get into the practice of putting my work out there. Where the fuck are we, anyway?

That's right, we're at Pocket of Nonsense, my tiny blog which is and shall continue to be true to its namesake. For those of you who've decided to stick around, I'm still convinced you ought to have your heads examined. But I appreciate your loyalty immeasurably: it warms the cockles of my heartplace. If (and that's a mighty huge 'if') there are any newcomers, you still have a chance to escape! But you are, of course, most welcome to stay.

Anyway. Here's a junkerpunk inventor bringing her robo-toaster to life. He's designed to be a butler who serves only toast. What more do you really need, anyway? 

Inked traditionally and colored in Photoshoop, but I also screenprinted about fifty of these sons'abitches as a final hurrah for my summer internship with Pizza Party Printing. (Dan and Jimmy are two of the best dudes in the universe, and work incredibly hard: go buy up all their T-shirts!) 

But getting back to Robo-Toaster Lives!: if any of y'all are gonna be in Baltymore around the holidays, I'm selling my own handmade prints at MICA's Art Market. (The paper I got is slightly more orange in color, so I picked an ink that's a bit of a greener teal to compensate. Otherwise, the design is the same.)

Wheeeeee for shameless self-advertising! See you soon!

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