Friday, June 29, 2012

Meet Old Beard!

Vidjagames! I've been helping (sort've) to make vidjagames!

See, the Boooooooooooyfriend had to make a simple one for a Game Design class at his school. And no one in their group "could art," as it was so eloquently described to me. So, after little to no persuasion at all, I agreed to design and animate the main character for Terminal Hero, along with two of the major bosses, and a title logo.
Needless to say, the game itself (as well as the increasing requests for what exactly I was commissioned to make for it) turned out to be Not Quite So Simple.

'Specially since I have very little experience with pixel art, OR animating anything! As I'm sure is stuff is super-basic, and very humble-looking at that. But it was a really great experiment, and a whole ton of fun. Spriting is always something I'd wished I could kick ass at, so it was a nice excuse to get some practice in. Their entire project turned out quite wonderfully, and a lot of really hard work went into the writing, programming, turn-based combat system, and overall design. AND I GOT A SHOUT-OUT IN THE CREDITS. Of an indie RPG! For me, this is the stuff of dreams. 

So that's a sampling of the video game art that I've already done.......

And this is concept art for a FUTURE MYSTERY PROJECT, far down the road. Something new! Something secret! Something.....grimey? ALL PART OF THE MYSTERY! 

Plenty more to come soon...I intend to keep that promise about the scanned sketches.

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