Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tawny (Predatory, Sex-Starved Tobacco Whores!)

Hey, all! Just figured I'd toss another sketch up in hurr. Because of my tireless love for nudity, and such. I swear there will be a veritable SHITFUCK of drawings from my actual sketchbook coming up soon, because that guy is filling up like crazysauce....I just need to get my lazy butt to a scanner. (Truly, it is the laziest of butts! Never was there a butt more lazy.) Swiftly to follow said sketch-scans, there will be some pages of an actual comic that I've been working on over the past few months! FANCIFUL!! (It's only thirteen crummy pages, so don't get all excited. But hey, it's a comic. And if that excites you, then by all means, get excited! Like, run-and-dance-around-for-no-reason-discernible-to-others excited!)

I think I'm excited, too.

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