Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Only quite a little fellow in a Wide World"

Huh. How strange! I have never kept a blog before.

Hopefully, this place will be more of a personal challenge for me to maintain a consistent flow of drawings drawn than a silly soapbox or "Lookameeee!" sort of thing. But then, I suppose it takes at least a smidgen of hubris to start something like a blog at all, thinking that I, amidst the endless sea of faces, have something special to share or show.

So why should you look at all? I mean, really...I'm only one very small person. Still a student, lost in transfer, far from being an established professional artist....

Well! On a good day, I like to think I am reasonably charming, and modestly talented....but ultimately your reasons for coming here will be your own. For anyone who does return, this blog will be a haven of sorts for a variety of sketches, strips, and illustrations in all kinds of media, of whatever pops into my head! If that sort of thing from a complete stranger sounds appealing to you, then by all means! You will be welcomed back most gratefully.

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