Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sociopathic Space Gnomes

Quite possibly the best drawing I will ever make, in my entire life? Yes. These are the characters I and my friend Rez made, respectively, for my roommate Jabari's fantasy/space-opera/metaphysical mindfuck of a homebrew, called Lucid. Quiblyn and her little brother, Mongrel are both Jovys, which are basically space gnomes in the world of the game...except where Joyvs are usually cautious arcane tinkers, Quiblyn and Mongrel are like two loose cannons. She's a maverick weapons engineer, whereas he's the muscle who tests her heretical creations in the field. (She's currently working on smithing a sort've proto-tommy gun in a world where any firearms technology hasn't really surpassed flintlock pistols yet.) They're less than four feet high, but they're kind've unabashedly a pair of sociopaths. With cockney accents.

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