Saturday, May 10, 2014

Primordial Seedling

This one was for a pretty rad project. My teacher drew from a science book featuring a series of questions compiled by children about the world we live in, and the answers were each written by experts in a corresponding field. The specific prompt I got was "Where did the first seed come from?" and the answer, by a botanist, was fascinating. She discussed how some of the most primordial plants (such as ferns) reproduce by spores instead, and then when early plant life later began developing true seeds, they were similarly hardy. Most grew a tough, waterproof outer-casing: so durable that they could actually make long journeys over sea. (Think of how coconuts travel!) Pretty unbelievable.

My piece featured a gouache painting, and that graphic purple seed was done digitally, then printed on a transparency layer that went over the traditional painting, and revealed parts underneath. This presentation was inspired by a children's book about animals published by Nobrow. A gif seemed to be the only way to translate the work for online viewing, hahaha.

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